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Holon Institute of Technology (TEMPUS Coordinator)

HIT's Logo
Founded in 1969, the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is an independent institution of higher education in the area of science, engineering, instructional technologies,
management of technology, and design.

Equipped with the latest theoretical and applied research, close ties with the industrial community, innovative teaching technologies and extensive involvement in the community, HIT is well positioned to train a new generation of scientists, engineers, managers and designers armed with multi-disciplinary knowledge and original
analytical thinking, who will go on to assume key positions in Israel's high-tech and design industry.

Excellence is our goal and the sky is our limit

HIT believes that excellence must be applied in all fields and that an environment supporting excellence is the secret to nurturing students who maximize their potential.
At HIT, excellence is incorporated in every sphere of activity, on campus and beyond:
The academic faculty includes lecturers and people involved in industry and research who are highly regarded by the scientific, design and industrial communities.
Multi-disciplinary research groups forge ahead with innovative technological ideas and resolve real-life challenges faced by high-tech companies.
The laboratories are the most sophisticated of their kind in Israel.
The faculty and staff are both professional and dedicated, supporting the student's needs on a personal, social and academic level. This starts from the moment the student
applies to HIT until graduation and job placement in industry.
The faculty and staff endeavor to provide the support needed to ensure that students complete their studies successfully and gain the necessary tools to cope in the professional world. HIT was awarded both the Prime Minister's National Prize for Quality and Excellence of Service and the Israel Management Center Prize for Quality of Service.
In order to ensure that every student, regardless of any disability, is able to cope and thrive, HIT provides a unique academic accessibility center.
H.I.T offers a pre-academic preparatory program,
a springboard to the academic world, for candidates who need to improve their matriculation grades or to refresh their knowledge of mathematics and physics.
HIT provides equal opportunity to students from outlying areas thereby expanding access to higher education as a means of narrowing the social gap.
HIT provides a variety of study grants, excellence and recognition awards, assistance grants and intensive extra lessons.
HIT is engaged in the community and cultivates the social awareness of students, by making technological knowledge accessible to the community in which they operate.
HIT is environmentally aware and involved, which is reflected in an emphasis on courses in environment and sustainability, the correct use of energy sources, recycling of material and waste, wastewater treatment and green purchasing These activities have earned HIT the title of
"Green Campus” awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.