X-Ray (XRD) Laboratory

Head of the Laboratory: Dr. Igor Lapsker
3-5026619 (972)
building 8, room 108
3-5026619 (972)

Welcome to the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory in the Department of Science at HIT -Holon Institute of Technology. We are a full service X-ray Diffraction laboratory offering state of the art instrumentation for the analysis of solid materials. Our services include powder diffraction analysis for Material Sciences.

Please feel free to contact us about your diffraction needs.

• X-ray Powder Diffractometery by High Resolution Powder Diffractometer
• Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis
• Polymorph and crystalline state Identification Powder Pattern comparisons
Our Mission
The purpose of our laboratory is to provide x-ray diffraction analysis to the Holon Institute of Technology system. Our main focus is to perform high resolution x-ray powder diffraction. We provide services to outside users on a collaborative basis.
Our facilities

Scintag's X2 digital powder diffraction system incorporates the most advanced digital electronics, computers, and Microsoft's 32-bit Windows NTtm operating system. Digitally Controlled Optical encoder Positioning System (D.C.O.P.S.) goniometer have high accuracy and reliability in x-ray diffraction. High Count Rate, Computer Controlled Peltier Solid State Detection System. High Power, High Frequency X-ray Generator.

Scintag's X2 digital powder diffractometer

Scintag's X2 digital powder diffractometer.

Diffraction patterns of glass coated with thin (#1) and thick (#2) titanium oxide films
Diffraction patterns of glass coated with thin (#1) and thick (#2) titanium oxide films.