Two Jews, Three Opinions. Let's argue.

14:00 27-04-2014
Speaker: Dr. Hadassa Jakobovits
Affiliation: Klever

Sunday, April 27, 2014 | 14:00 | Science Building (8),Room 424

Two Jews, Three Opinions. Let's argue. 27.4.14

We provide a formalism for the study of dialogues, where a dialogue is a two-person game, initiated by the proponent who defends a proposed thesis. We examine several different winning criteria and several different dialogue types, where a dialogue type is a set of positions, an attack relation between positions, and a legal-move function. We examine proof theories, where a proof theory is determined by a dialogue type and a winning criterion. For each of the proof theories we supply a corresponding declarative semantics.

Light refreshments will be served at 14:45. Anybody is invited.

For further information:David Garber, Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences,Holon Institute of Technology