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Dr. Meir Arbel from the Faculty of Engineering at HIT was chosen one of 57 inspiring lecturers by the National Union of Israeli Students.

HIT, Holon Institute of Technology takes part in the Erasmus + Project in developing an innovative curriculum in Micro and Nano-Electronics.

Congratulations to Dr. Alla Zak who was recently promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in the Faculty of Sciences at HIT.

Dr. Pninit and Mr. Pinhchas (Pini) Cohen, chairman of HIT's board of trustees

Dr. Barkan, head of R&D and External affairs Authority at HIT, lectured at a unique gathering held by IBT and CARE on the topic: how can technology assist in handling the medical treatment and well-being challenges of the elderly population.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT was invited as an observer to the Uzbekistan presidential election

Heads of HIT's R&D and External Affairs Authority, Dr. Refael Barkan (head) and Dr.Guy Yoskovitz (vice head) went to Austria as guests of the University of Innsbruck.

An article which is based on the final project of Tal Zanzury and Bar Baruch Ben Zaken, both students at the Faculty of Engineering at HIT, mentored by Dr. Dror Malka, was published in the prestigious "Materials" magazine.

A formal delegation from Sinclair College, Ohio, visited HIT in order to discuss potential collaboration with HIT in various fields specifically related to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Delegation members included: Deborah L. Norris, Senior Vice President, Workforce Development & Corporate Services and Dr. Andrew Shepherd, Head of Sinclair UAS Program.

Mrs. Marcia Kelner Polisuk heads the Latin America chapter of the largest Jewish students' organization in the world, "Hillel". According to her, there is a noticeable increase among students in Latin America to make Aliya to Israel and get accepted to Israeli academic institutions.