The Faculty of Design provides a comprehensive and professional design education by a distinguished faculty -- professional artists, designers, communicators and creators, whose work is recognized and respected by the local and international design communities.

The Faculty of Design grants Bachelor's degrees in Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Visual Communications Design, and a Master's Degree in Integrated Design.
These teaching programs emphasize the design and production of socially and environmentally oriented designs, as well as technologically innovative solutions to human needs within natural, social, and cultural contexts. Students gain an understanding of design that derives from human values and aesthetic qualities grounded in a rich cultural and theoretical background.
The Faculty's three departments all stress the foundations of design, art and technology and the development of professional skills. Students learn the techniques, methods, and vocabulary required to become effective designers.
Department of Industrial Design (B.Design) - Graduates study technology, human engineering, aesthetics, psychology and sociology. This wide range of subjects instills broad general knowledge and facilitates creative and flexible thinking. Students also emerge well-grounded in the technical skills they'll need to compete and succeed in the professional world.
Department of Interior Design (B.Design) - Students get a broad perspective of history, the theory and philosophy of design, and the sociological and psychological aspects of personal space and the wider environment. They also acquire the architectural, visual and graphic skills they need to develop and communicate their ideas. Graduates have the tools to manage design processes and solve interior design problems.
Department of Visual Communications Design (B.Design)- Students learn art, design and the appropriate technologies for conveying a visual message. The wide range of courses includes the development of artistic skills, computer studies, design methodologies, advertising, marketing and visual media. Graduates are equipped to cope with the challenges of communicating in the constantly evolving world of new media and communications technology.
Master's Program in Integrated Design (M.Dsign)– Technological and communication advances are transforming our reality at a rapid pace. Designers need to be responsive, versatile, and knowledgeable innovators and know how to take the initiative.
The Integrated Design approach is an inquiry-based and student driven program, giving students the knowledge and skills they need to meet today's challenges. Students in this program are social, cultural, and ecological innovators who are passionate about design and confident of their ability to influence and even transform their environment.

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