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Idan Herbet from the Faculty of Design won a prestigious prize in Italy


Idan Herbet, 3rd year student from the industrial Design dept. at the Faculty of Design, HIT, won the Silver Design Award at The A'Design Award and Competition in Italy, for the design of a Portable Gas Stove.




"Herbet" the portable gas stove named after its designer, is manufactured in a technology which allows optimal outdoor conditions and covers all the standard cooking requirements. The stove consists of laser cut steel components and has an open and close mechanism that can be locked in open position to prevent breakdown during use. Its open and close mechanism allows for easy carrying, handling and storing.



Idan defines himself as a ‘man of the people’. He is very influenced by his surroundings and loves to give back through design and well-doing. One of Idan’s biggest motivations are his emotions, learning to control and take advantage of them has allowed him to maintain a happier, optimistic lifestyle. Through this he has learned that his vantage points are in his actions, and he strives to improve every day as designer and as a human being, enjoy the moment and appreciate the journey.




The competition takes place every year with over 150 countries participating, 100 judges, 80 categories and 6 different award levels. It is considered one of the most prestigious and influencing design competitions in the world.




Posted: 16/07/2019