The Faculty of Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching, research, development and discovery, and to nurturing professional relationships with industry in order to understand the problems facing industry and to find suitable solutions. The Faculty maintains several applied research centers and holds regularly a Mathematical Colloquium and Physics Seminars.
The Faculty of Sciences currently grants Bachelor's degrees in two programs: Computer Science and Mathematics. Graduates of these programs are equipped with extensive knowledge and profound understanding of basic sciences and the disciplinary requirements of their chosen program. They can cope with technological and mathematical problems in industry and have developed the analytical thinking required to work in hi-tech industries.
B.Sc. in Computer Science – Computer science is one of the driving forces of technological advances, where computation is changing the world in which we live. Over the next several decades, computer scientists will continue to reshape our environment.
Our Computer Science teaching program provides students with analytical skills as they discover the structures underlying software, extends their creative talents in the design of new systems, and gives them an understanding of the principles underlying program and system development. It also emphasizes the basic principles of this discipline that are independent of technology.
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics – Our undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics prepares students in the challenges of understanding complex problems in industry, translating them into mathematical language by constructing appropriate mathematical models, finding efficient solutions using mathematical methodology, and proposing means to apply these solutions. Upon graduation, students will have the necessary tools to meet the ever challenging technological and mathematical needs of hi-tech industry and business.

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