52 Golomb Street, POB 305, Holon 5810201
Telephone: + 972 3 5026666


President of the Institute

President office

Mr. Mordechay Mishan, President Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor

Ms. Judith Haimoff, Senior Advisor to the President of HIT

Mr. Aharon Cohen, Advisor to the President

Adv. Orna Kopolovich, Advisor to the President for Gender Equality


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Mr. Samuel Goldberg

Ms. Inbar Sinay, CEO's Chief of Staff


Prof. Shaul Bar-Lev

Prof. Michael Kroyter, Chief of Academic Staff

Ms. Yifat Rosental-Cohen, Academic Secretary

Ms. Revital Ben Yair, Head of Rector's Office

Vice President for Innovation Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

Dr. Refael Barkan

Ms. Danit Mimrod-Cohen, Administrative Manager

Dean of Students

Chief Technology and Systems Officer

Mr. Gal Steinhart

Acting CFO


Digital Medical Technologies

Dr. Refael Barkan, Program Founder
Prof. Arriel Benis,  Head of Department


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean 
Dr. Amos Bardea, Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
Dr. Boris Lembrikov, Head of the Masters Department


Faculty of Design

Prof. David Rawet, Dean
Mr. Ofer Zick, Industrial Design Department
Arch. Ehud (Udi) Cramsky, Head, Interior Design Department
Mr. Zachi Diner, Head, Visual Communications Department


Faculty of Sciences

Prof. Alla Zak, Acting Dean
Dr. Alex Laikhtman, Vice Dean
Dr. Jonathan Schler, Head, Department of Computer Sciences
Prof. Amnon Fruchtman, Head, Department of Physics
Prof. Anatoly Golberg, Head, Department of Mathematics
Prof. Udi Rotics, Head, M.Sc. program in Computer Sciences
Dr. Michael Kroyter, Head of Applied Mathematics Program


Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management

Prof. David Perry, Dean
Dr. Eyal Brill, Vice Dean and Head of M.Sc. program in Technology Management

Dr. Irena Milstein, Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


Faculty of Instructional Technologies

Prof. Gila Kurtz, Faculty Dean

Dr. Eran Gal, Head of M.A program
Dr. Dan R. Kohen-Vacs, Head of B.A program


The School of Multidisciplinary Studies

and The Division of English as a Foreign Language

Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the Multidisciplinary Studies Department

Prof. Chemi Ben Noon, Head of Humanities & Social Sciences Unit
Dr. Elad Segev, Head of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit

Dr. Olga Gupol, Head of English as a Foreign Language Unit


Data Science

Prof. Esther Frostig,  Head of Department


Academic Administrative Positions

Prof. Eugen Mandrescu, Chairman, Institutional Admissions Committee
Dr. Ronen Hamer, Head, Teaching  Advancement Center
Dr. Irena Milstein, Chairperson, Senior Faculty Committee
Mr. Aharon Cohen, Commissioner, Student Admissibility
Adv. Orna Kopolovich, Commissioner, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Institute
Ms. Hemda Cohen, Commissioner, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Institute


Administrative Positions
Ms. Miri Chen Zakhaim, Head of the Center for Academic Counseling and Registration
Mr. Ilya Levi, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Nimrod Berg, Campus Engineer
Mr. Israel Ochanov,  Head of School for Certification Studies
Ms. Michal Chill, Library Manager
Ms. Sara Bar, Preparatory Studies Manager
Ms. Shirley Lemesh Klein, Human Resources Manager