52 Golomb Street, POB 305, Holon 5810201
Telephone: + 972 3 5026666


  • Digital Medical Technologies

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  • Faculty of Design

  • Faculty of Sciences

  • Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management

    • Prof. David Perry, Dean
    • Dr. Irena Milstein, Vice Dean and Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
    • Prof. Oded Maimon, Head of the M.Sc. program with a thesis
    • Dr. Gil Greenstein, Head of the M.Sc. program without a thesis
  • Faculty of Instructional Technologies

  • The School of Multidisciplinary Studies and  English as a Foreign Language Department

    • Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies

    • Prof. Chemi Ben Noon, Head of Humanities & Social Sciences Unit

    • Dr. Elad Segev, Head of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit

    • Dr. Olga Gupol, Head of English as a Foreign Language Department

  • Data Science