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The graduate who changed the world of information security

Yossi Ze’evi, who graduated in Computer Science from HIT Holon Institute of Technology, talks about his path, the exit he made from the first company he worked for, the company he founded with his partners, and the tips he gives every student.

Yossi Ze’evi, Computer Science graduate, HIT Holon Institute of Technology
Yossi Ze’evi, Computer Science graduate

Yossi Zeevi graduated with honors in Computer Science from HIT in 2013. Upon graduation, he started working for an Israeli start-up company called Cybertinel, which developed an information security product with the ability to track and identify in real-time unusual activities of users in the system - authorized or unauthorized and identify the damage they caused. "I joined my two partners at the beginning of their journey and very quickly worked my way up to a management position and even developed the initial infrastructure for a new information security product for them," says Ze’evi.

In August 2015, Cybertinel exited and was purchased by the Israeli cyber mogul CyberArk for $20 million. "It was fascinating. This is a product that I was a partner in developing, and after a relatively short period, it was nice to see the fruits of success," says Yossi. He adds that as part of the merger deal, he began working at CyberArk in 2016 when he founded Vicarius with his two partners, Michael Asraf and Roy Cohen, which also deals with information security.

Vicarius is an information security company that has developed a platform for automating security breaches in cloud-based organizations. "The platform we developed - vRx, is the first in the industry for end-to-end autonomous repair of security breaches in cloud-based organizations. Vicarius recently launched Yuln_GPT, a tool that creates scripts to identify and close vulnerabilities and security holes in software without human intervention.

Today, Ze’evi is the CTO of the company he founded 'which completed a $30 million B funding round. Vicarius has offices in Israel and New York, and it provides services to 400 clients of the most influential companies in the world economy.

Yossi says that many courses he chose to take during his studies assisted him when he took his first work steps".

Posted: 18/02/2024