Patient-centered healthcare has become a new reality of contemporary life. The growth of big data has dramatically altered the healthcare landscape. It has demonstratred the urgent need to create an elite cadre of 21st century doctors who will not only be excellent clinicians and better researchers, but also more knowledgeably capable of navigating the advanced technology of the digital world. This need also extends to HMO’s, hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical insurance companies and startups, that will require highly trained personnel to serve as technology experts building bridges between the clinicians, program developers, algorithm designers and scientists. It is the integration of these two worlds which will set the bar for the medicine of the future.


The Holon Institute of Technology is doing exactly that: changing the face of 21st century medicine. Developed prior to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, enrollment opened in A/Y 2020/21. The innovative and unique academic program in Digital Medical Technologies is training Israel’s next generation of future technologically-savvy doctors and medical analysts. The initiative was hailed by a senior official of the Council for Higher Education as being “one of the most creative, original and best suited program for the country’s needs”.




HIT enjoys close partnerships with all major medical centers and health service providers in Israel. In fact, much of the curriculum was developed with guidance from the medical and health service community in order to ensure that it was based on the real needs of the industries and people which it will be serving. Project-based learning and multi-disciplinary experiences in clinical environments are cornerstones of the program, ensuring that students will gain hands-on knowledge and applied research skills.

This represents the core values of the Digital Medical Technology degree program: strong academic foundations in technological knowledge and biomedicine and advanced data-driven knowhow in research methods and medical care.