Computer Sciences

Computer Science Bachelor's Program

The Department of Computer Sciences at HIT provides a 3-year B. Sc. program.
The purpose of this study program is to prepare graduates with expertise in software and computer algorithms for R&D posts at modern hi-tech factories and companies. These Bachelor students are provided with a theoretical basis for continuing on to graduate studies and engaging in scientific research.

This program intends to help the learner to develop research skills, curiosity, independent study and the ability to integrate into a reality of rapid technological changes. The emphasis is on those basic scientific principles which may be applied using the tools of modern technology.

This program provides our graduates with the tools and skills necessary for the autonomous learning of new subject-matter and work environments and those essential for the analysis and solution of practical problems in the field. Thus, the program prepares them for integration into R&D posts in hi- tech and advanced industries.

Computer studies encompass varied topics: the theoretical aspects of development; analysis; the application of algorithms in solution of algorithmic problems; as well as the practical aspects of software and hardware development. This program provides basic knowledge in the computer sciences.

The list of study topics includes: algorithmics; problem solving; the programming and analysis of algorithms; understanding computer structure and operations; programming languages; and computer science applications in various areas.
Computer Science Master's Program

In the world of technology and science, everything is evolving and advancing very fast. Staying in one place means going backwards.
In light of the need for continuous advancement in the field, the Computer Science Master's Program was designed to provide:

  • Immediate training in the latest and most popular areas of research in the field of computer science.
  • to give students an excellent toolbox, which enables them to explore and master additional areas in the future.


The program offers two tracks:


Track with thesis * (research track)
Students who complete the first semester with honors will be offered the opportunity to join the research track designed for those who see themselves as integrating in innovation, research and development centers, or are interested in pursuing a doctorate in the world of academia.


Non Thesis track * (study track that includes a final project)
The program enables acquisition of broad and in-depth knowledge in the modern and rapidly evolving fields of computer science, thus meeting the industry's requirements for experts with up-to-date theoretical and technological knowledge, capable of leading complex projects in R&D positions.