Applied mathematics

As in other countries at the forefront of technological progress, the State of Israel is also characterized by the increasing demand for skilled manpower with scientific and technological backgrounds. A large part of this demand is for workers specializing in industrial mathematics. Many industrial mathematicians in Israel work for the Israeli aeronautics industry, security industries and other companies like Tadiran, Motorola, the IBM Research Center and other hi-tech companies. All the forecasts indicate that the demand for mathematicians in industry (including hi-tech) and in the commercial and organizational sectors will continue to increase in the future.

HIT's Department of Applied Mathematics prepares the student to cope with these challenges. The B. Sc. degree grants the students extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of mathematics in all the disciplines taught at HIT. With the completion of these studies, the graduate possesses the tools that enable him/her to cope with the technological and mathematical problems in industry, so that they may integrate into various fields.
Curriculum Objectives
  1. To train skilled manpower for the industrial, security, commercial and organizational sectors.
  2. To impart extensive and deep knowledge in mathematics and a mastery of mathematical methods and scientific computerization.
  3. To provide skills and experience in the building of mathematical models and their realization via sophisticated algorithms.
  4. To Impart knowledge and experience in advanced methods for the development of software systems.
  5. To enable good communication with members of industry and professionals in other disciplines.
The Profile of the Graduate
Program graduates are meant to take on development roles in industries at the forefront of advanced science and hi-tech, where they will be able to contribute to the promotion of industry and the economy.
Graduates showing high achievements during their studies may continue their studies toward higher degrees at universities in Israel and abroad. The Mathematics Department has good ties to hi-tech companies that are interested in employing students who have excelled during the course of their studies.

Program Characteristics
The program teaches the skills needed to construct mathematical models and prepares graduates for understanding and good communication with people from industry and other disciplines. In order to achieve these goals during the course of their studies, the students are exposed to practical industrial and economic problems, presented in collaboration with outside parties.
Our graduates acquire updated knowledge, practical ability and experience in the building of mathematical models, processing signals and images, computerized biological imaging, geo-informatics (GIS), data-mining and computerized mathematical simulation in other leading areas.