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Article by Dr. Barkan and Dr. Lewy published in "Frontiers in Medicine"


The article titled "Personalized Health Systems—Past, Present, and Future of Research Development and Implementation in Real-Life Environment" was published in the prestigious "Frontiers in Medicine" magazine.


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Dr. Refael Barkan Dr. Hadas Lewy Tomer Sela


Dr. Hadas Lewy Head of Digital Health Ventures at HIT, Dr. Refael Barkan Head of Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority at HIT and Tomer Sela Head of Products Department at Clalit Health Services, co-wrote the article which deals with developing and implementing digital medical systems which include smart systems and Telemedicine systems in the Health System, in order to better both treatment and medical service.

The authors review the development of research and development, implementation of digital systems for personalized treatment, success factors and the improvements that are implemented in recent years in favor of developing and implementing personalized digital systems in the future.

The article tries to see how to better develop and implement such systems, the conceptual change that takes place and the work processes in health organizations and the industry in developing these systems as well as integrating the academy into the research and development of digital health systems that will shape tomorrow's medical world. 

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Posted: 04/08/2019