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A delegation of academia leaders from Uzbekistan visited HIT


The delegation, headed by Prof. Avazjon Marakhimov Rakhimovich, Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan (NUUz) included Dr. Khikmat Saburov – Dean of the Joint HIT-NUUz faculty and Mr. Aziz Aripov – Advisor to the Rector, NUUz.


From left to right: Mrs. Tony Levy, Mrs. Zamira Marakhimova, Prof. Avazjon Marakhimov Rakhimovich,
Mr. Samuel Goldberg, Dr. Khikmat Saburov

Photo: Dina Staskovich


The delegation was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov – HIT President, Prof. Adir Pridor - Chairman of HIT's Executive Committee; Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority; Mr.Iliya Levi - Advisor, HIT President's office and Mrs. Antoaneta Levy – External relations officer, HIT President's office.


Prof. Yakubov and Prof. Marakhimov

Photo: Dina Staskovich


The purpose of the visit was to discuss the advancement of mutual projects of both institutions as well as the joint HIT-NUUz faculty.


This visit followed the Israeli delegation's visit, about a month ago, to the first STEMM Science Technology Education Math and Medicine international conference in Uzbekistan, led  by Prof. Eduard Yakubov.


Prof. Marakhimov and Prof. Yakubov

Photo: Dina Staskovich


An article about the visit that was published in Uzbekistan:



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Posted: 02/07/2019