Industrial Design

indastrial designOne of the most precise definitions of good design is "visible intelligence." Industrial design, in its wide, modern sense, is a relatively new field.
To do a good job, an industrial designer must master many different fields. The planning of products requires knowledge in technology, human engineering, aesthetics, psychology and sociology. A designer must have extensive general knowledge and flexible thinking in order to be creative in the technical solutions he/she develops, as well as in the form and image of his/her product.
The students are trained from the moment they enter the department and must gradually become more and more professional as they cope with ever more complex challenges.
Industrial Design Studies
The Industrial Design Course (B. Sc. In Design) prepares the student to cope with many and various subjects, so that by the completion of his/her studies, when facing the professional challenges on his/her own, he/she has a full arsenal of tools for success. Four years of training prepare our graduates to plan diligently, fully and professionally in any field. And yet, the system is flexible enough to enable everyone self- expression and to find those areas that are particularly attractive, by means of the secondary enrichment courses.

Beside the projects initiated by the department heads, a student may work on a simulation exercise (simulating a real situation), in close collaboration with local industry. The local industry provides immediate feedback, based on the professional experience of the various parties, and the student must cope with fairly realistic, external factors. Likewise, the presentations prepared during the industrial design course provide opportunities for independent work and the development of a personal approach, beyond the obvious opportunity to work in groups.
The various courses taught in the department are divided by topics, in accordance with the specific demands during each semester. Beside the major courses, there are minor courses in technology, the arts and also enrichment courses.

The final project should encompass all the courses above. During this project, the student is supposed to experience a simulated process resembling those that will occur in his/her professional life.