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The minister was accompanied by Ms. Barbara Sušnik - Ambassador of Slovenia to Israel; Ms. Tatjana Buzeti - Directorate of Long-term Care, Slovenia, Mr. Blaž Masle - Deputy Head of Mission, Slovenian Embassy in Israel.

Prof. Shaopei Lin, Senior professor, at the Institute of Engineering Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was invited to HIT as a guest of Prof. (Emeritus) Eugene Levner, from the Faculty of Sciences and lectured about "The Development Tendency of Project Management under Digital Internet Era".

The new Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Murod Gulyamov - Second Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Prof. Avaz Marakhimov – Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan (NUUZ) and Mr. Botirov Golibjon – Director at NUUZ.

70 well known experts in "Modern Analysis" participated in an Int'l conference that was held at HIT in honor of Prof. Dov Aharonov, Prof.Samuel Krushkal, Prof. Lawrence Zalcman and Prof. Simeon Reich, world-wide known Israeli analysts in this field.

Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs. Adina Bar Shalom at 2018 Graduation Ceremony

HIT's 2018 Graduation Ceremony took place on June 26th, 2018 at the Holon Toto Hall, where 816 graduates received their B.A and Master's diplomas, in front of 3500 guests, as well as HIT's President Prof. Eduard Yakubov,  Prof. Adir Pridor -chairman of the Executive Committee, Prof. David Shoikhet ,Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans of the faculties, heads of departments, academic and administrative staff , Mr. Motti Sasson Mayor of Holon, Liron-Inbal Parsy chairperson of the students' organizations and of course, the graduates, their families and guests from Israel and abroad.

A large exhibition at the Vitrina Gallery at HIT presented projects made by students from the multi-disciplinary track. Curation: Dr Sayfan G. Borghini ; Scientific Advisor: Dr Nava Shaked; Graphic Design: Michal Kastiel ; Space Design: Anat Lidsky

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine and HIT. 

The first national conference “Linguistic Landscape, City and Campus” was held at HIT.

Members of the iPEN (Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology) project held a 2-day meeting at HIT.