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Israeli Ambassadors' gathering at HIT

The Ministry of Foreign affairs organizes an annual gathering of all Israeli ambassadors abroad. This year HIT was chosen as the venue for Euro-Asian Department Ambassadors' meeting, in light of the extensive collaborations between the Euro-Asian countries and HIT.


תמונה ללא תיאור

The meeting was led by  Mr. Alexander Ben Zvi- deputy manager of the Euro-Asian Dept. and Dept. Managers Mr. Jacob Livneh and Mr. Itzhak Carmel Kagan.

The HIT hosts  included: Prof. Eduard Yakubov- President, Mr. Pinchas (Pini) Cohen - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Adir Pridor- Chairman of the Executive Committee, Prof. David Shoikhet - Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of the R&D and External Affairs Authority, Dr. Guy Yoskovitz - Deputy director if the R&D and External Affairs Authority, Mrs. Danit Mimrod Cohen –Assistant to the President and Mrs. Tony Levy –in charge of External affairs at the President's office.

In his opening remarks Mr. Alexander Ben Zvi said :"HIT deals with knowledge fields that are of interest to the countries which you represent here. It is good to know that there is direct communication with Prof. Eduard Yakubov ,who understands the importance of such collaboration and had also visited some of the Euro-Asian counties as head of the HIT delegation.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov reviewed for the guests the history of HIT and said that the guests are partners to the 50th Jubilee of the institution which is celebrated this year: "We're celebrating our 50th year and look forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration with these countries through you. HIT has a lot to offer to the Euro-Asian Dept. in the fields of Hi-Tech and technology. These collaborations have started two years ago and are starting to show fruits".

Mr. Pini Cohen congratulated the ambassadors for the important task they are fulfilling for the state of Israel, and said:" In what way are we unique? In raising the next generation of technology leaders. People that will step Israel up to great achievements. The quality of HIT's students is rising significantly by the year and HIT makes sure to integrate students from all walks of Israeli society, which helps them to contribute to the society they live in.

Prof. Adir Pridor pointed out that HIT's aim is not only to teach students and provide them with knowledge, but also to teach the students to create new knowledge themselves. "In our last visit to Uzbekistan we were welcomed with outstanding warmth and have met with six ministers who had expressed great interest in collaborating with us".

Dr. Refael Barkan presented the guests with the latest researches that are conducted at HIT in collaboration with various countries and the winnings of HIT in various research funds.


Dr. Guy Yoskovitz reviewed the status of HIT's international relationships in the ocuntries whith which we have agreements as well as HIT's winnings in Erasmus+ funding for International Credit Mobility  and ERASMUS+ capacity Building in the last few years. According to him winning an Erasmus+ funding helps to finance staff and students exchange as well as building mutual academic programs in order to promote capabilities. Having no such budget frame makes it harder to execute such plans.

In light of this, Dr. Yoskovitz approached the ambassadors and asked them to maintain an open communications channel with HIT, so when such bilateral agreements on Academia or Academia-Industry are signed with their countries, or  any  local Open Calls are published, HIT will be able to examine participation, in order to receive budget support for staff and student  exchange and  academic collaborations.

In the meeting, Prof. Gila Kurz and Dr. Dan Kohen Vacs from the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, have introduced "NEO" the Robot, which had demonstrated a Tai Chi exercise together with one of the ambassadors.
The ambassadors were given a tour of HIT's campus and have visited the Innovation Lab, the Atomic Microscope  and the exhibition of the faculty of Design's students' projects at the "Vitrina Gallery".


Published:  17.12.18