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The 3rd Int’l Conference on “Random Matrices, Integrability and Complex Systems”


The Int’l Conference on "Random Matrices, Integrability and Complex Systems" was recently held (3-8 October 2018) in the biblical village of Yad Hashmona, nestled in the picturesque Judean Hills.


This is the third conference in random matrices and related fields organized by Prof. Eugene Kanzieper of the Faculty of Sciences, with the generous support of Holon Institute of Technology and The Israel Science Foundation.
The Int’l Conference on "Random Matrices, Integrability and Complex Systems" was recently held (3-8 October 2018) in the biblical village of Yad Hashmona.

Prof. Hans Weidenmueller from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg

Over the past decade, it became progressively evident that a large number of "complex systems" tend to develop universal patterns previously discovered in spectra of large random matrices. This is true not only for systems that have a physical or a socio-economic origin but also for systems arising in a purely mathematical context. Notable examples of complex systems exhibiting the mysterious convergence to random matrices include spectra of heavy nucleus, quantum chaotic billiards, black holes, financial markets, zeros of L-functions, and more.  
Among the experts who attended the conference were two Max Planck Medalists – Prof. Hans Weidenmueller (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg) and Prof. Martin Zirnbauer (University of Cologne); Prof. Jonathan Keating (University of Bristol) – a recipient of Frolich and Wolfson Prizes of the Royal Society of London; Prof. Alex Kamenev (University of Minnesota) – a fellow of the American Physical Society, and many others.


Dr. Boris Gutkin from the Faculty of Sciences, Holon Institute of Technology


To discuss these fascinating developments and identify new challenging problems and directions of future research in the field, about 60 scientists from 13 countries gathered in Yad Hashmona for five days. World-renowned and young scientists as well as postgraduate students arrived from Israel, Australia, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. 

Two faculty members from the Mathematics Department, who recently joined the H.I.T., took an active part in the conference: Dr. Boris Gutkin gave an invited lecture and Dr. Yochai Jerby presented a poster.


Members of the organizing and scientific committees:
   - Prof. Anatoly Golberg and Prof. Eugene Kanzieper, Holon Institute of Technology
   - Prof. Jonathan Breuer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
   - Prof. Yehoshua Feinberg, University of Haifa
   - Prof. Peter Forrester, University of Melbourne
   - Prof. Yan Fyodorov, King's College London
   - Prof. Maciej Nowak, University of Krakow
   - Prof. Jac Verbaarschot, State University of New York at Stony Brook.


Sponsors: The Israel Science Foundation, Holon Institute of Technology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Haifa, and the International Association of Mathematical Physics.



Posted: 24/10/2018