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Programming for everyone- new course that can be taken from home

HIT Holon Institute of Technology, offers a new course, in the department of Multidisciplinary Studies that can be taken from home free of charge.
The course "Programming for everyone" was produced on the international free EdX platform and developed by Prof. David Harel from the Weizmann Institution and Dr. Michal Gordon from HIT.


תמונה ללא תיאור

The course is intended for students who are interested in computer science but is suitable to students from all the faculties. It explains in simply how programming works.


What is on-line course?

It is made of short videos combined with interactive exercises with automatic feedback, advancing according to the student's schedule and learning pace. Study styles vary among learners and the course can be studied on a PC, on smart TV or in a smartphone application at any time. The current course requires about 2 hours a week, for eight weeks.
It starts with an introduction that explains what programming is, introduces visual languages and other tools that exist today. It should be interesting to anyone encountering technology on a daily basis in everyday life.
Dr. Michal Gordon: "People who had a hard time studying math  usually avoid programming, and in my opinion there is no connection between the two.
I have a desire to bring people closer to programming, to enable them to program in various ways and even if in the past programming was something that belonged only to mathematicians, today it should be a tool accessible to everyone. I think that in today's world, saturated with technology, everyone needs to understand something about programming and this is what we try to teach in this course.

We invite students to register through the department of multidisciplinary studies and enjoy a different study experience.
Or anyone interested in broadening his knowledge, not only for academic credit, can register through EdX, just look for: “Programming for everyone: an introduction to visual programming languages”.

Programming for Everyone – An Introduction to Visual Programming Languages