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International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls each year on December 3rd and is dedicated to promoting an understanding of disability issues and mobilizing support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities

The Department of Industrial Design at HIT was mobilized for the war effort in developing, planning, and production of combat gear for the IDF forces.

HIT's management, lecturers, and friends of the late Danielle Waldman paid tribute to her and her family in a memorial and commemoration event via Zoom

An installation at HIT Holon Institute of Technology presents the names and faces of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas ISIS in Gaza.

The Department of Visual Communication in the Faculty of Design at HIT is engaged in the fighting efforts in designing, planning, and creating various graphic projects.

HIT Holon Institute of Technology and dozens of universities and colleges from all over the country illuminated their campus buildings simultaneously in blue and white

" Iron Swords" war took a very heavy toll on us. Students and  graduates of the Institute were killed in the war. Their names are listed here.  Forever in our hearts

The State of Israel is facing its most difficult time, we wish to strengthen you in these hours and days and hope that you take care of yourselves and your loved ones and  that you are protected and safe.

Three students and five lecturers from the School of Multidisciplinary Studies participated in the "Summer School" at Thomas More University in Belgium.

Noam Sol and Ram Shalom, graduates of the Industrial Design Department at HIT, won the "Aley Shalechet" Funeral Home competition. The winning design: a unique funeral urn which celebrates the life and times of the deceased.