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Lighting an eighth candle in memory of Macedonian Jewry at HIT

Dr. Ronen Sosnik awarded a Ministry of Science grant for a new approach in identifying and predicting bipolar disorder.

HIT is shoring up its strong relationships with academic institutions in Uzbekistan, and in a recent meeting with the Samarkand State University, new academic and business collaborations were discussed in depth.

Three researchers from the Digital Medical Technology department received an important two-year grant from the Chief Medical Officer of the IDF.

HIT is continuing to strengthen its cooperative relationships with key universities from Kazakhtan.

The first class of students in the Pre-Academic Program for Nursing began at HIT today, in collaboration with the Wolfson Medical Center's School of Nursing.

Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is the first academic institution in Israel to sign a practical and applied cooperation agreement with the Kharkiv Aviation Institute – National Aerospace University in the Ukraine (KhAI).

With more than 250 participants from Israel and around the world, the "Multidisciplinary Grid 2020" conference, organized by the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies at HIT and held under the auspices of HIT's President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, excelled not only in the richness of content but also in its innovative technological performance.

International Entrepreneurship Week (GEW 2020) took place last week, hosted by Uzbekistan. The theme of the productive week was "Entrepreneurship Education - From Idea to Implementation". This is the fourth time that HIT participated in this recurring annual event, although the first time it did so on-line due to the COVID-19 virus. More than 20 seminars were held over the course of the week, in which experts from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other countries participated.

The Council for Higher Education (CHE) has provisionally approved HIT’s application to independently award the rank of Associate Professor upon deserving faculty from 5 diverse disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology Management.