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Three leading women received special recognition in this year’s annual ceremony organized by the “Ambassadors’ Club in Israel.

"Lightspin", a company which develops a cloud infrastructure protection system, was acquired by the technology mogul Cisco for the huge amount of USD 250 million.

“More” means “More” for HIT delegation to Thomas More University and AP Hogeschool University in Antwerp, Belgium

Dr. Michal Balberg was invited to speak before the NGO CSW Forum, marking International Women's Month

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo met on campus with representatives of HIT’s senior leadership and faculty.

Dr. Rotem Israel-Fishelson, an academic member of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies at HIT and BA alumna with distinction from the same Faculty has embarked on her post-doctorate at the University of Maryland’s highly acclaimed School of Education.  

Yad Vashem’s "Designing Memory" competition was held for the 13th year, and this year, the winner was HIT design student May Nitzan. 

Ferroelectricity—the spontaneous polarization of a material that can be reversed by the application of an external electrical field—is among the most preferred strategies to achieve the coveted property of memory in electronic devices. 

Camera! Roll! Action! Why do students avoid turning on their cameras in online lessons

Vaccine effectiveness is usually measured in terms of protection from infection, clinical disease, or death. However, this definition overlooks an important aspect: risk of transmission.