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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Israel, but in many instances, they can be prevented, and severity mitigated by using big data in intelligent and digital transportation to help determine policy and decision-making.  

Prestigious grant from the Israel Innovation Authority will advance women to mid-management positions in business and high-tech

Israel-Croatia Renewable Energy Grant has been awarded to Prof. Alex Laikhtman from the Physics Department at the Faculty of Sciences

M.A. graduates in Instructional Technologies at HIT can continue to study towards a Ph.D. at George Washington University (GWU), USA.

Since October 7th, the State of Israel has been at war with Hamas, and with it, the full force of its armed forces -- regular soldiers and 350,000 reservists -- are fighting bravely for victory. Left behind are worried families, jobs put on hold, and unplowed and unplanted fields that have not been harvested, packaged or distributed. 

International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls each year on December 3rd and is dedicated to promoting an understanding of disability issues and mobilizing support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities

The Department of Industrial Design at HIT was mobilized for the war effort in developing, planning, and production of combat gear for the IDF forces.

HIT's management, lecturers, and friends of the late Danielle Waldman paid tribute to her and her family in a memorial and commemoration event via Zoom

An installation at HIT Holon Institute of Technology presents the names and faces of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas ISIS in Gaza.

The Department of Visual Communication in the Faculty of Design at HIT is engaged in the fighting efforts in designing, planning, and creating various graphic projects.