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Mr. Ibragimov Nozir, charged with localization of production and expansion of cooperative connection with industry, visited HIT as a distinguished guest of President Eduard Yakubov

Senior officials from Luxembourg's health systems conducted a study tour at HIT, and were deeply impressed by the groundbreaking academic program of the 'Department of Digital Medical Technologies and its advanced collaborations with the Israeli health system.

Changing the Paradigm of Medical Education and Medical Technology. The ability to combine the worlds of medical and technological content (artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data science, big data with emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, imaging) facilitates a direct dialogue between clinicians and technologists. The result: a new breed of medical technologists and doctors who can direct their energies to the research and development of digital medical technologies as well as the patient’s early diagnoses, treatment and followup.

Recent study reveals that 80% of Instructional Technologies' graduates in Israel are HIT graduates.

Outstanding M.A. students from the Faculty of Instructional Technologies attend Berlin workshop

Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of HIT's School of Multidisciplinary Studies and the school's leading academic staff, hosted their colleagues from AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts (, in Antwerp, Belgium, as part of the EU's Erasmus + International Mobility Program.

The faculty of design at HIT has been awarded the "Ladislav Sutnar Prize" for the exceptional quality of its contribution to the development of art and design. The Ladislav Sutnar Award is an initiative by the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic). 

Delegation including senior representatives from the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan, visited HIT as a reciprocal visit to the one that occurred about two years ago, where a delegation from HIT visited Uzbekistan and held meetings with the Minister of Innovation and the Minister of Higher Education there.

How the use of computer code in design changes the way we design. How do we consume design?

Dr. Jonathan Schler, researcher and head of the Department of Computer Sciences, received a grant from the Israel Data Science Initiative - IDSI, in order establish a database website that will analyze the Supreme Court's decisions.