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The first and only training program of its kind in Israel and probably in the world, was launched recently at HIT-Holon Institute of Technology.

A new channel of cooperation opens between the Tanzanian academy and HIT- Holon Institute of Technology

Two prestigious design awards were awarded to Naama Nicotra, a recent graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Faculty of Design.

Members of the “Leadership in Academia" Network founded by the Council for Higher Education Council (CHE), the Planning and Budget Committee (VATAT) and the Rothschild Foundation visited HIT- Holon Institute of Technology

Prof. Reshef Tenne, Academic Council member and Chair of Faculty Appointments Committee at HIT, receives prestigious award

Three leading women received special recognition in this year’s annual ceremony organized by the “Ambassadors’ Club in Israel.

"Lightspin", a company which develops a cloud infrastructure protection system, was acquired by the technology mogul Cisco for the huge amount of USD 250 million.

“More” means “More” for HIT delegation to Thomas More University and AP Hogeschool University in Antwerp, Belgium

Dr. Michal Balberg was invited to speak before the NGO CSW Forum, marking International Women's Month

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo met on campus with representatives of HIT’s senior leadership and faculty.