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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Israel and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence, a delegation of senior officials from the country's higher education system visited HIT

The International Conference AI2 "- Artificial Intelligence Academy and Industry", was held at the Institute and broadcasted to 15 countries.

HIT in collaboration with the Holon Municipality held last week a huge campaign to collect donations of winter clothing and hygiene products for the refugees of the brutal war in Ukraine.

Dr. Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies, HIT, was invited as a guest speaker recently to lecture at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Greece Chapter assembly and talked about The Multidisciplinary Grid – A new view of Academia.

HIT's President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, welcomed a delegation from Mostar University, led by the university's Rector Prof. Dr.Sc. Zoran Tomić and senior university officials in their first official visit to HIT. An MOU regarding academic and research collaboration was signed during this visit.

Prof. Alla Zak awarded prestigious grant from the NATO Cooperative Security Committee for Project ESCAPE (Ultralight WearablE Solar Cells as A Portable Electricity Source

"Body without Organs", a joint project between the Tel Aviv and Berlin municipalities, designed by Lilac Chitayat, lecturer in the Department of Interior Design and artist Gabi Schilling, was published in the German magazine for art, design and theory - "DAMN".

A new program from the 8400 Network will bring together engineers, data analysts and program developers and will expose them to basic concepts in clinical medicine and the real needs of hospitals and the medical community. 

A new exhibition at the "Vitrina Gallery" showcases a unique collaboration between architect Yoav Meiri and artist Roi Kuper on the transitions in this multicultural neighborhood.

In a social design project that took place for the first time as part of a multidisciplinary design course in the Faculty of Design’s Department of Visual Communication, a “rebranding package” for a Holon High School was developed in order to improve its image externally and create "local pride" internally