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Natali Poznansky, a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design, won the first prize in the INTERNATIONAL HANDITEC COMPETITION 2020 \ 2021 in France.

A unique, multidisciplinary research laboratory, the only one of its kind in Israel, designed for outstanding students, began operating at HIT and is designed for the study of mathematical objects through visual tools, while combining mathematics, design and computer sciences.

We invite you to partsicipuate in the covnference and shubmeit a propposaal for the presentation

The Deputy Minister of Internal Security, MK Desta Gadi Yabarkan and senior members of his bureau, paid their first visit to HIT. 

The National Memorial Days' annual ceremony was dedicated this year to the memory of one of the first HIT's class of 1973 graduates, the late Zvi Heller, who was killed in the Yom Kippur War.

Commemoration of the Holocaust through emotional videos of the students.

The traditional "in the middle" exhibition of the Department of Industrial Design is presented this year for the first time in a digital format.

The attack surface may expand as a result of remote work, and the opening of VPN interfaces.

HIT, through the FUTURE Entrepreneurship Center, together with the Department of Visual Communication, initiated a Hackathon on the subject of returning to routine, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The goal was to develop means for creating social responsibility among youth regarding the way they conduct in the corona era.

Award winning app. and bot, developed by HIT's Computer Sciences' students for the "March of Heroism" Hackathon.