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Holon Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science invitse you to alectur on Budgeted Fractional Dominating Set Dr. Simon Shamoun September 10 | 13:00 | Building 8, room 424

Holon Institute of Technology, The Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Liora Lukitz, September 10, 2014 | 15:00 | Building 8, Auditorium 400

Special Seminar on January 23, 2014 [Thursday] | 13:00: Dr. Shimshon Kallush (Ort Braude) will give a talk on "Controllability and Noise in Large Quantum Systems".

Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute

Faculty of Sciences, Guest Speaker: Prof.Eli Pollak, Weizmann Institute

15:12:13, 14:00, Seminar, Faculty of Technology Management, Lecturer Dr. Drora Goshen-Meskin

5.12.13, 13:15, Faculty of Sciences, Seminar Prof. Lucio Frydman, Weizmann Institute.