Bioorganic Nanomaterials: Physics, Nanotrechnology and Application

The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to invite you to a seminar on:
Bioorganic Nanomaterials: Physics, Nanotrechnology and Application

Prof. Gil Rosenman, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Chief Scientist, Store-Dot Ltd.

11.3.2015 | בשעה 16:00 | Building 6, Auditorium


Bioinspired nanomaterials, self-assembled from chemically synthesized biomolecules proteins and peptides, became an object of intensive research due to integration feasibility of this new generation of bio-nanostructures in diverse nanotechnological applications.
These nanostructures exhibit exceptional physical properties such as one of the strongest measured piezoelectric signal among biological structures, pronounced non-linear optical response, they are used for efficient carbon electrode coating of supercapacitor electrodes, and demonstrate unique photoluminescence intrinsic properties.

We revealed a new class of nanodots of biological origin composed of dipeptide biomolecules. Peptide nanodots (PND) are stable crystalline elements having an asymmetric structure allowing to predict piezoelectric and nonlinear optical properties. We employed these bioorganic nanounits for charge storage using PND arrays of high density. We study their electron/hole trapping mechanisms at the nanoscale, and charge retention ability followed by fabrication of PND-based metal-oxide-semiconductor memory cell devices.

We also report on exceptional optical properties of deeply modified PND. New generation of visible bioorganic dots in red, green and blue spectral regions are demonstrated. These multifunctional nanodots are the basis for a new future step in nanotechnology and nanoscale advanced nanophotonics devices such as TV displays and bio-lasers and as well as new technique of early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.
Prof. Gil Rosenman, received his MSc degree in 1970 in experimental physics, his PhD degree in 1975 and Doctor of Science in 1989 (second level of PhD in Russia) both in Solid State Physics from Ural Polytechnic Institute (Yekaterinburg, Russia). In 1990 he joined Faculty of Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University, where he is a full professor (2000) and incumbent of the Henry and Dinah Krongold Chair of Microelectronics (2010).
He is well-known for his studies of physics and technology of ferroelectrics, ferroelectric electron cathodes, new phenomena of ferroelectric domain breakdown, new generation of lasers, and innovative research in the field of surface modification. Recent activities of his group are focused on a new technology and physics of bioinspired peptide nanostructures resulting in observation of bioorganic nanodots towards a new generation of nanomaterials for nanophotonics, nanobiomedicine, bio-piezotronics and recently a new type of energy storage devices.
Prof. Gil Rosenman supervised 18 PhD students, published more than 190 papers and 30 patents. He is also the co-founder of the start-up company Store-Dot Ltd.