Holon Physics Seminar, Hybrid Nanocomposite Functional Materials

Holon Physics Seminar, Faculty of Sciences
Hybrid Nanocomposite Functional Materials: Raw Materials, Synthesis, Industrial Production and Application
Prof. Pavel Kudryavtsev, Holon Institute of Technology

(The lecture will be given in Russian)

January 15, 2015 | 13:00 | Seminar Room 424/8

In this lecture I will provide an overview of the results obtained in several research areas.
(i) Structural studies have been conducted and developed control paths of structural hierarchy on the molecular, nano-, micro- and macro-levels to hydrous metal oxides and other inorganic compounds, in order to synthesize high selective inorganic sorbents based on them.
The possibility of using of high selective inorganic sorbents for creation of technology extracting rare alkali, alkaline earth and other rare and trace chemical elements from the complex composition of natural brines and technological solutions has been demonstrated.
(ii) Results of studies of the behavior of colloidal solutions of metal oxides and development processes, their directed synthesis will be presented. Studies have been conducted for processes of the sol-gel transition, investigation and mathematical modeling. Sol-gel technology was developed for obtaining of inorganic nanocomposite materials based on metal oxides with adjustable complex physico-chemical properties.
(iii) Technology that has been developed for producing of various chemical compounds and materials will be described. Small tonnage production technologies were designed for the following major classes of chemical compounds, which include: element organic compounds, Ferrocene and its derivatives, metal alkoxides, metal acetylacetonates, diamines, nitriles, oximes, sulfonated compounds, ketones, aldehydes, esters and others.
These organometallic compounds are used as raw materials and catalysts in chemical and technological processes, in the production of pharmaceutical substances, in manufacturing of electronic materials and machinery for the production of composite materials, and military equipment.