Human Machine Multi Modal Interaction

Seminar in a series of seminars Window for vision of the Faculty of Engineering
 Human Machine Multi Modal Interaction

Michal Rinott | Faculty of Design, and Head of the

Dr. Nava Shaked | Faculty of Engineering and head of the Center M3IC

01.13.2015 | 17:30 | Building 3, Conference Room

Laboratory for interaction.

We will introduce the field of Multi Modal Interaction and describe two new and innovative courses on this topic, in collaboration between the new M3IC center and the Interaction Lab.
MultiModal Interaction deals with the meeting between technology and the human, with an emphasis on sensing, analysis and presentation in different modalities.
We are in an era of breakthroughs in the ability to use computational tools to analyze and understand people's natural behavior. Analyzing speech, gestures and expressions enable us to learn about people's state and intentions in real time. From this information, opportunities arise for the design of interactive objects, systems and tools, that employ the sense and create beauty, interest and value to users.

In the lecture we will get to know this innovative field, show project examples and describe the new courses that will be offered starting from the coming semester. These courses and will provide tools and opportunities to work with industry. They will be open to students of advanced years in all faculties.

Michal Rinott is an Interaction designer. She initiated, created and leads the HIT Interaction Lab, a unique interdisciplinary lab exploring the meeting point between people and technology, and creating prototypes that propose new interactive experiences and new qualities of interaction. The lab work, created with a group of incredible people, has been presented in major museums (e.g. the Drawbox Project in the Design Museum Holon, Two Riders in Tel Aviv Museum of Art,Cubes in Ars Electronica) as well as international conferences. The lab was recently profiled in the ACM Interactions Magazine.

Dr. Nava Shaked is an s expert in voice applications, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,as well as, Multimodal User Interfaces. Shaked is a member in HIT Engineering Faculty and the head of the d holds a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from CUNY, New York, and as shares her knowledge and experience at worldwide professional conferences and via authoring professional articles and academic papers for magazines and academic publication and books. Shaked is the head of the M3IC lab for Multimodal Multimedia Human Machine Interaction in HIT.