The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies


The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies constitutes the academic framework for four unique components of the undergraduate curriculum, which are not included in the core courses of the faculties at HIT, but are an integral part of the education of each graduate of our institution. Some of the department's courses are recognized as part of the faculty's elective courses and we strive to increase their number.


The 4 existing Clusters are:





As a department that serves all undergraduate students at HIT, we consider it necessary to maintain a diverse and in-depth curriculum, while updating the content in a way that adds a distinctive element to the programs, presents advanced research methodologies and provides students with unique knowledge and abilities at an academic level.


Each student is required to take between 6-10 credits (in addition to English courses). On this basis we aspire to play a significant role within the curriculum and to realize the potential inherent in the content that the department contributes to each study track.

In addition, as an academic department, we are committed to creating academic content through publications, conferences, collaborations, and exhibitions that tell the multidisciplinary story.

The international Vision


In accordance with HIT's strategy to promote international academic collaborations, the department will include various courses that are taught in English. This will enable students from academic institutions abroad, who take part in HIT's exchange programs, to attend the department's courses; In addition to collaboration with academic institutions in Israel and abroad, including application for grants, encouraging joint publications, ERASMUS+ programs and international workshops.

Furthermore, the department's curriculum will include dedicated advanced language courses aimed at expanding the interaction skills and abilities of the students as an essential tool in their professional fields, and in order to improve their access to studies abroad.




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