School of Multidisciplinary Studies and  English as a Foreign Language Department


Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies

Prof. Chemi Ben Noon, Head of Humanities & Social Sciences Unit

Dr. Elad Segev, Head of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit

Dr. Olga Gupol, Head of English as a Foreign Language Department


We offer a broad array of courses that form an integral part of the Institute’s various academic programs. Our courses combine various fields of knowledge, introducing students to intellectual worlds and research approaches that go beyond what they study in their departmental programs. Through exposure to multiple academic areas and their intersections we provide our students with tools indispensable in the current world. The multidisciplinary courses at our school bridge between the fields of science and technology, design and computers, along with those of the humanities and social sciences. We truly believe that our courses – whether in philosophy or biomimicry, cultural studies, genetics or bioethics, politics or social robotics – will expand your horizons and enrich your intellectual and cultural baggage, as a future graduate of HIT.


The school’s courses are offered through four clusters:

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Integrated Technologies
  3. Community-Engaged Courses
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation (in collaboration with Future HIT)





Students are required to take between 6-10 credits in multidisciplinary courses, depending on their home faculty's requirements.
Please note: Attendance is mandatory in all courses of our department. Students are advised to enroll in only one multidisciplinary course per semester, as all final exams in the school’s course are held on the same day.


We are strongly committed to academic production through publications, conferences, exhibitions, and cross-institutional cooperation. In all these channels we encourage our academic staff and students to employ and contribute to multidisciplinary perspectives.



Our Global Vision


As part of HIT's strategy to promote international collaborations, the School offers several courses taught in English as part of its curriculum. International exchange students visiting the Institute are most welcome to take these courses! In these courses students learn exciting multidisciplinary approaches, where design meets math, or Israeli politics and society cross with hi-tech. Intended for both local and international students, courses taught in English expand the array of skills students acquire, indispensable in the globalized world of the third millennium. They also serve as a wonderful opportunity for interaction and collaboration between local and international students at the Institute.

We promote collaboration with academic institutions in Israel and abroad, including grant applications, joint publications, Erasmus+ programs, international conferences and workshops.



In November 2020 the School held an international conference on the 'Multidisciplinary Grid' with talks given by scholars from all over the world.


Watch the Conference



School of Multidisciplinary Studies

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