Humanities and Social Sciences

“Sapere aude!” proclaimed philosopher Immanuel Kant in defining the Age of Science and Enlightenment. In this spirit, our School provides students with rich perspectives in the humanities and the social sciences. In these courses you will acquire knowledge about global cultures and religions, and learn about historical, social and political processes, as much as philosophical and ethical questions. More importantly, these courses will give you tools for critical thinking and analysis of the world we live – tools and knowledge crucial for engagement in the society we are shaping, as professionals and as citizens. 



Many of our graduates are destined to become leaders, as managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and civic leaders. The knowledge and intellectual makeup they will carry over to their workplace and community is therefore of great importance to the future of Israeli society.


Our courses in the humanities and the social sciences train our students to think independently and to cultivate an analytic mind, one that questions and looks critically at society, politics and ideas. We believe that in the changing world of the 21th century such intellectual skills are essential. In this respect, we follow the example of the world’s leading technological schools.