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"Multidisciplinary Grid 2020" - The Cross-section of Modernity

With more than 250 participants from Israel and around the world, the "Multidisciplinary Grid 2020" conference, organized by the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies at HIT and held under the auspices of HIT's President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, excelled not only in the richness of content but also in its innovative technological performance.


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The Conference, the first of its kind, took place on Nov 23rd and hosted 20 speakers and 250 participants from Israel and abroad.  The purpose: to discuss the broad spectrum of infrastructural and communication networks through which contemporary life is mediated.

It brought together researchers from a variety of disciplines for joint discourse that developed diverse ways of thought, theories and perceptions around the subject of the Grid's cross-section. The Conference provided a a unique  opportunity to explore the “grid” as a historical, visual and scientific phenomenon. It also endeavored to explore a new horizon of relationships and fusion in the areas between machines, humans and machines – bridging philosophical, cultural, pedagogical, technical and ethical issues. Hence, the ‘grid’ is commonly viewed as a quintessential symbol of modernity.

Dr. Nava Shaked, Chairperson of the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies,  stated that: "The academic level of the Conference, the topics chosen and the technological flow, created an excellent environment for both speakers and participants and we received a great deal of positive feedback from the lecturers and other participants during and after the Conference".




The Conference used an innovative broadcasting platform which enabled advanced visualization and switching between 4 broadcasting studios simultaneously. EventPlace was chosen to conduct the conference broadcast, since it uses a unique platform that provides high-quality levels of production and networking integration - participants can look at each other's business profiles during the event and it was possible to transfer links and connectivity to the audience during the conference.
Tal Moore, CEO and founder of EventPlace noted with great satisfaction that the average viewing time at the conference  was the longest ever.


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Dr. Shaked further remarked that using the platform significantly upgraded the conference experience for lecturers and participants alike.

The exhibition GRIDDED FABRIC(ations) was launched in a collaborative effort between the Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery and Department of Multidisciplinary Studies.  The Exhibition, in which 18 artists participated, was produced in digital format and will continue to be displayed online, which makes it virtually accessible and free.  It reflects the artists’ personalized representation of multivocal, multifaceted and multiscaled expressions of gridded imaginaries.




Posted: 30/11/2020