Social Projects

HIT's supporters and sponsors invest many resources in the students, among other things, by granting monetary scholarships. In return, our students contribute ca. 14,000 hours of community action per year in the City of Holon and its vicinity.

The following is a partial list of the organizations and societies in which our students and HIT are members:

Organizations for the Elderly and the Needy:

  • "Latet" Organization
  • "Mi-Lev-el-Lev"
  • "La-ad" Project for Holocaust Survivors
  • "Friends of the Elderly" Project (for seniors and animals)
  • "Pithon Lev"
  • "Enosh" Association in Holon

Animal Rights Organizations

  • Rishon Likes Animals
  • Haderah Likes Animals
  • Animal Shelter (Ramat-Gan and its vicinity)
  • Monkey Park – Monkey Sanctuary Fund (Ben Shemen Forest)

Teaching and Assistance to Children and New-Immigrant Children

  • "Yeda" – Remedial Learning Center for Immigrant Children ("Bet ha-Oleh")
    Mikveh Yisra'el Library
This year we intend to take part in several new projects:

Mentoring the "Women's Cooking Project" at the Jessie Cohen Neighborhood in Holon

The Women's Cooking Project invites women to engage in small-scale individual and group entrepreneurship that does not entail financial risks. This year, such a group was started in the Jessie Cohen neighborhood. HIT students were invited to take part in this activity and to help the women individually (one-on-one), to guide them in founding their businesses as best they can, in accordance their skills and abilities, from the logistic-financial aspects through to the marketing issues involved (Internet marketing, logo design, etc.).

"Community Design Project", Jessie Cohen Neighborhood, Holon

The "Community Design Project" is a project currently taking shape (intended to take place in Sept.-Nov. 2013?). The Lazarus YMCA in the Jessie Cohen Neighborhood is now undergoing massive renovations and our students (especially from the design disciplines) are invited to participate in the painting and decoration of the YMCA and the nearby Sports Center. The students will work as a team and in close cooperation with the YMCA's children.

"Residential Compound Construction Project" in the Monkey Park

The Israeli Monkey Shelter Society was founded in 1996 and serves as the center for the rehabilitation of monkeys in distress for all of Israel. This shelter is recognized as a facility protected by the "Animal Protection Law." The monkeys require a new living space and HIT students have been invited to participate in this project. This activity involves physical labor and a visit to the Monkey Park.