The meeting place for academia and industry

Beyond the scientific and professional knowledge it imparts, HIT strives to equip students with optimal tools for an in-depth, system-wide understanding of the professional environment they will ultimately join. Consequently, HIT management and faculty offer a curriculum that extends across boundaries and disciplines, and encourages collaboration between the various Faculties: Engineering, Science, Management of Technology, and Design.

HIT's curricula and syllabi match the occupational requirements of the market, and attempt to incorporate industrial and high-tech needs. In addition, HIT has forged close ties with industry in numerous channels, giving students and graduates a foothold in leading Israeli companies during and after their studies.
HIT hosts seminars, conferences and lectures given by key figures in industry who share their knowledge and experience with the students, and together, create a robust social network for future collaborations.

HIT also has a special vocational guidance unit, which holds employment sessions (known as "Zarkor” or "Spotlight”) with the participation of leading companies, giving students constant exposure to potential employers and to first rate jobs commensurate with their capabilities and areas of specialization. specialization.