Eitan Bartal's work in an exhibition at the Parasol Projects Gallery, NY

Eitan Bartal, lecturer at the Visual Communications Design dept. in the Faculty of Design at HIT, takes part in a unique exhibition at the Parasol Projects Gallery in NYC . The exhibition, "A Walk Of Art" focuses on conceptual, artistic, and extreme footwear, aims to reevaluate the occult power and mystery of shoes.

Throughout the years, the high heeled shoe was an accessory aimed at designing the female body to be a male's object of desire.

Bartal has dealt greatly with the hardships and body tortures, caused by high heeled shoes that were accepted by women throughout the years. His work "Anti Heels" deals with ridiculing the radical female body Fetishism caused by high heeled shoes.

His shoe went through a process which had created a reversed change in the female body positioning which in turn had caused the sexual stereotyped representation of the female body to become vulnerable, crippled and protective.

This representation is the complete opposite of the sexual, defying and confident image which is created by high heeled shoes and is rather a torture tool which dismantles the twisted image of the female figure, while illuminating it in a criticizing manner.

" As a creator and an artist I'm influenced by the design world which I know very well through looking at the images and common practices in their broad critical sense. My works usually deals with creating a dissonance with the object in question and for that reason I've chosen to show this pair of shoes".

Opening Date: January 24
Closing Date: February 13, 2017