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HUG&DISTANCE, a new digital exhibition at the Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery HIT


The corona pandemic has forced us to get along in personal spaces and reduce the number of encounters with other people. 

Between all the private spaces, a space was created where questions about the world, about relationships, about communication, about contact, about space, about distance, about family, about culture, about closeness, about contact and more were kept us thinking. 




Distance - a numerical measure of the size of the gap in space between two objects. 
Space - a physical and territorial space open to the public.
Relative - a person who has a family relationship to the person being talked about.
Far - is in the distance, which is difficult to reach and requires effort.  
The definitions from Wikipedia, not too far to reach the definition.

The works on display reflect distances, near and far, that relate to different perceptions of distance between objects and human beings. The digital platform is another player in the exhibition, its setting ranges from the desire to emulate reality and the ability to release any limitation and challenge the visitor's prior knowledge of dimensions and size. The works were designed for physical life and all underwent adaptations and changes as they entered the digital world and placed them in the new space containing values of imagination and fantasy. Dedicate yourself to the experience, get close to the exhibits, touch them, stay away from them and choose to read in depth near or far. 


The digital gallery was established to address the new situation in which the world of art and creation enters the world, is a new and experimental platform that learns and develops from exhibition to exhibition from lesson to lesson and enables a new and unfamiliar world for creators, curators, students and viewers. 


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Curators: Michal Teomi-Sela, Rotem Kaplan
Participating artists: Maya Agam, Adi Barda, Ariel Lavian, Yoav Einhar, Yelena Rotenberg
Development: Ofer Getz, Smadar Tzuk



Posted: 24/06/2021