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Technological advances and the assimilation of new developments within old industries, are creating changes in the labor market. Therefore, there is an urgent and vital need to establish a strategic master plan to map the necessary technologies and skills and to formulate them into curricula that will include courses, trainings and advanced training, which will ensure that employees of the automotive mechanics industry, as well as other industries, do not become unemployed.

The corona pandemic has forced us to get along in personal spaces and reduce the number of encounters with other people.

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology has entered into a collaborative partnership with the prestigious Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design. The historic virtual meeting between institutional heads cemented future cooperation between respective faculty and students in the areas of design, education, science, research and innovation.

Mr. Boaz Levy, CEO of IAI, visited HIT for the first time. The visit was the result of a joint initiative by Mr. Levy and Dr. Michael Winokur in light of the CEO's intention to promote the academic-technological level of IAI employees.

The graduation ceremony for the first graduating class of the "Startup for High School" program was held at HIT.

An augmented reality App for upgrading the visitor's experience. The museum experience is enhanced with the help of an App developed by four students from the Department of Computer Science: Desi Marbkov, Noam Borger and Maria Arsky, second year students, and Lina Koz, 3rd year student, who developed the project as part of HIT's Project Center led by Mark Israel.

The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, headed by Dr. Nava Shaked, inaugurated a study and training room named after the late Dr. Natalia Neiman, who was a dedicated and valued veteran teacher in the English Studies Unit.

The forum was organized by the Federal University of Kazan in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Education with the support of the Russian Association for Research in Education.

For the past year and a half, Dmitry Patashov has been living in Japan and is about to complete his Ph.D. on the topic of cognitive and motor activity of the brain.

The annual ceremony of awarding outstanding teaching awards to lecturers for teaching, research, creation and contribution to the institute and the community was held at HIT.