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Anatoly Viktorov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Israel, together with the First Secretary for Science and Education, Mr. Alexander Pozdnyakov visited HIT-Holon Institute of Technology. The purpose of the visit was to showcase HIT’s academic and scientific capabilities, and to strengthen cooperation between Russian institutions and HIT.

On December 5th 2019, an official German delegation from the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany visited HIT.

Signature of a new MoU between HIT and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

A delegation from the University Paris-Est Creteil, France, visited HIT. The visit of the delegation - led by UPEC's President and senior officials - was marked by the signature of a new MoU.

Dr. Boris Gutkin from the Faculty of Sciences at HIT was awarded a prestigious research grant from the GIF. This is the fourth prestigious grant in the field of mathematical physics awarded to the researchers at the Department of Applied Mathematics since 2017.

Ms. Aisha Bowe a former aerospace engineer at NASA and co-founder and CEO of STEMBoard, spoke before young entrepreneurs at Future HIT, the Innovation and entrepreneurship Center at HIT.

Prof. David Perry, chairman of the Dept. of Technological Engineering and Management at HIT received a grant from the ISF – the special bi-national program Israel-China.

Researchers from HIT (Dmitry Patashov, Yakir Menahem, Ohad Ben-Haim, Dr. Ronen Sosnik and Dr. Dmitry Goldstein) and from Sourasky Medical Center’s research laboratories studied the human gait cycle.

Israeli-Italian Workshop | Ministery of Scince and Technology of Israel | Holon Institute of Technology

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, through its tech transfer office -A.Y.Y.T, which is responsible for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship on behalf of HIT, and the Uzbek Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding for academic and business collaboration.