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HIT's internationalization process - winning call


The Council for Higher Education (CHE) actively promotes and supports the internationalization of Israeli Academic Institutions. Dedicated to raising the academic level and competitiveness of the Israeli academia in the global academic scene, the CHE co-finances institutions of higher education in the process of building and strengthening their international position.

HIT is proud to announce its application to the internationalization call was granted by the CHE. HIT will thus be co-funded to initiate and strengthen its international activity abroad, adapt its institutional infrastructure to the international academic market, train together Israeli and foreign students, and increase its number of bilateral international collaborations. 

HIT wishes to thank Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, deputy director of the RDE authority, for his tremendous work on this winning proposal, as well as to the International Committee members at HIT for their contribution to the success of this important initiative.



Published: 21.8.18