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Delegation from the University of West Bohemia, CZ visited HIT


A delegation from the University of West Bohemia, CZ arrived at HIT for two days visit.



We were honored to host:

  • Ludek Hyncik, Director of the New Technologies Research Center
  • Petr Kavalir, Deputy Director of the New Technologies Research Center
  • Arnost Marks, Vice-Dean for Creativity
  • Tomas Lysak, international relations
  • Jan Korabečný – Head of Product Design Studio
    Vojtěch Domlátil – Assistant Head in Studio of Animation and Interactive Art 


The visit was scheduled after a successful visit of HIT delegation last month to University of West Bohemia. The main goal of the visit was establish the relationship between the institutions and work on mutual grant application.


The meeting was held at HIT and included Prof. David Rawet, Dean of the Faculty of Design, Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of R&D and External Relations Authority, Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, Head of International Ventures, Dr. Yael Eylat Van Essen, International Academic Coordinator, Faculty of Design, Mr. Eitan Bartal, Head of the Visual Communication Department, Ms. Bracha Einhoren, R&D Coordinator and Ms. Ira Ivshin Guetta, International Student Exchange Advisor.



The first day of the visit was dedicated to visiting the Design Faculty, introducing its different departments, studying programs, students’ projects and the faculty’s diverse departments and labs. A special meeting with additional participation of Mr. Zachi Diner and Mr. Yoni Amit from the Interactive laboratory, was dedicated to the planning two joint workshops that will take part in the next academic year, simultaneously in both institutions in the Czech Republic and Israel. These workshops, will be a collaboration between the Design departments in both institutions and the University of West Bohemia’s New Technologies Research Center.  


The second day started with greeting from Prof. Yakubov, President of HIT, and a presentation of HIT by Dr. Barkan. The presentation covered the main grants, leading projects and TTO activity. Dr. Yoskovitz presented the International activity and corporations. Ms. Einhoren added information regarding the Capacity building activity, in which HIT participates these days.



As part of the visit, the delegation visited the MADE Lab, hosted by Dr. Daniil Umanski, the Nanomaterials Lad, headed by Prof. Alla Zak, Prof. Alex Laikhtman’s laboratory at the Sciences Faculty, together with the Electro-microscopic Lab of Dr. Igor Lapsker


Moreover, since the guests from the Research Center expressed their interest in Energy research, they have also participated in a meeting with Dr. Alex Axelevich, concerning possible collaboration in this field as well.


The visit was successful and fruitful for both sides.



posted: 27/01/2019