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Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed) meeting, in HIT


HIT hosted the COST Action CA15120 - Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed) meeting in Israel.



HIT had recently hosted a 3-day event of the COST Action CA15120 - Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed).


The event was organized by the Israeli OpenMultiMed Management Committee members: Dr. Nissim Harel from the Faculty of Sciences at HIT and Dr. Arriel Benis from the Faculty of Technology Management at HIT in cooperation with HIT International Office.


The opening speech was delivered by Dr. Hadas Lewy, Head of Digital Health Ventures at HIT. Dr Lewy lectured about "Data and Technologies in the Service of Care" and presented the wealth and the variety of the data, captured and processed by the Israeli Healthcare system, as well as state-sponsored projects that combine health data from different sources in the healthcare system and the research community. 


Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the Multidisciplinary Studies Department , presented the innovative framework, developed at the department that provides project-oriented courses in cutting edge technologies combining knowledge from different disciplines. Classes include students from different faculties that are interested in a specific topic that is not included in the core courses of any of the faculties. Dr. Shaked presented one of these courses: "A new era in Digital Health", developed by Dr. Arriel Benis and Dr. Hadas Lewy



OpenMultiMed members expressed their interest in collaborating with the Multidisciplinary Studies Department at HIT in offering multidisciplinary international courses and in reproducing this framework in their institutions. 


The first two days were dedicated to a workshop "Multiscale Modelling" (WG2) which concentrates on modeling, simulation, and analysis of multiscale biomedical systems. This kind of approach has been previously developed in various fields, such as astronomy and material science. The challenge of this WG2 is to adapt existing concepts and develop novel multiscale modeling and simulation approaches that can effectively address the challenges of multiscale systems medicine.  


The last day was dedicated to the Management Committee Meeting wherein future scientific and educational actions have been scheduled.


During this event, the members participated also in short excursions to Jaffa and Jerusalem. 



Posted: 19/03/2019