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The HIT and Sheba Connection:

Changing the Paradigm of Medical Education and Medical Technology

The ability to combine the worlds of medical and technological content (artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data science, big data with emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, imaging) facilitates a direct dialogue between clinicians and technologists. The result: a new breed of medical technologists and doctors who can direct their energies to the research and development of digital medical technologies as well as the patient’s early diagnoses, treatment and followup.

From left to right: Ms. Robinson, Prof. Segal, Prof. Yakubov, Dr. Lewy, Dr. Barkan, Prof. Lempel, Ms. Porat
From left to right: Ms. Vered Robinson, Prof. Gadi Segal, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Dr. Hadas Lewy, Dr. Refael Barkan, Prof. Yair Lempel, Ms. Tal Porat.
Photo: Eran Pick

The deep connection between HIT and Israel’s health system, and particularly the Sheba Medical Center, has resulted in a large number of joint applied research and medical technological projects, alongside teaching and educating the next generation of medical technologists and MD’s. These fruitful collaborations were the focus of recent discussions during a visit to the HIT campus by the management of Sheba's Teaching Authority, headed by Prof. Gadi Segal and Ms. Vered Robinson.

Dr. Refael Barkan, Founder of the Digital Medical Technologies Program and Vice President of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, remarked on the huge reciprocal opportunities made possible for both the hospital and our students: "We are proud that we are able to offer these groundbreaking interactions between Sheba and our students, who can apply the theoretical knowledge that they have accrued in the Digital Medical Technology degree program to clinical environments, such as that of Tel haShomer, a medical center ranked one of the 10 best in the world. Here, they can learn to characterize and develop solutions to real-life challenges under the close guidance of technology and clinical teams."

HIT’s unique applied bachelor's degree in digital health in the Department of Digital Medical Technologies at HIT is the first of its kind in Israel and around the world. The Department currently has more than 50 ongoing research and development projects in Healthtech through its prolific engagement with medical organizations in Israel and abroad. Some are in the clinical trial stages in medical centers, and some are in the process of integration in technology incubators and industry.

Dr. Barkan emphasizes: “This is an evolving and highly demanded profession due to the rapid changes in the medical and digital worlds. Our curriculum is backed and supported by the Ministry of Health, Digital Israel and, in fact, everyone involved in the world of digital health in Israel. "

The collaboration with the Sheba Teaching Authority is not limited solely to the bachelor's degree program in Digital Medical Technologies but also to Master's degree programs (M.Sc.) in Information Management and Ttechnology in Health Systems (the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management) and Data Sciences (Department of Data Sciences) Non-academic training programs and activities are also an integral part of the offerings within FUTURE @ HIT (Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), the School of Certificate Studies and other faculties at HIT.

On behalf of HIT, the meeting was attended by: Prof. Eduard Yakubov - President; Dr. Refael Barkan - Founder of the Program and Vice President; Prof. Yair Lempel - Head of the Digital Technology Department; Dr. Hadas Lewy, Head of Digital Innovations.

On behalf of the Sheba Medical Center, attended: Prof. Gadi Segal, Head of the Sheba Teaching Authority and Ms. Vered Robinson - Deputy Head of the Sheba Teaching Authority.

Posted: 14/06/2022