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Five students from BAKU State University (BSU), Azerbaijan, spent a week of "Summer School" studies at HIT, as part of SABAH master's degree" project, and HIT students exchange. 

A support system built specifically for the five-and-a-half-year-old Hodaya who suffers from cerebral palsy and visual impairment has completely changed her ability to play independently in kindergarten.

Dor Carmon, a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at HIT, received the prestigious 2022 iF Design Award presented annually by the international Industrial Design Forum

Researchers from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management at HIT to take part in a new EIT-funded project for boosting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Dutch delegation included hospital directors, senior officials of the Dutch healthcare system and medtech officials from the private sector

The winning project is the "Spiral Tripod" for Iddo by Omri Steinmetz and Yoav Dagan from HIT.

Mr. Ibragimov Nozir, charged with localization of production and expansion of cooperative connection with industry, visited HIT as a distinguished guest of President Eduard Yakubov

Senior officials from Luxembourg's health systems conducted a study tour at HIT, and were deeply impressed by the groundbreaking academic program of the 'Department of Digital Medical Technologies and its advanced collaborations with the Israeli health system.

Changing the Paradigm of Medical Education and Medical Technology. The ability to combine the worlds of medical and technological content (artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data science, big data with emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, imaging) facilitates a direct dialogue between clinicians and technologists. The result: a new breed of medical technologists and doctors who can direct their energies to the research and development of digital medical technologies as well as the patient’s early diagnoses, treatment and followup.

Recent study reveals that 80% of Instructional Technologies' graduates in Israel are HIT graduates.