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Senior Dutch Healthcare System Rrepresentatives visited HIT

The Dutch delegation included hospital directors, senior officials of the Dutch healthcare system and medtech officials from the private sector.


Senior members of the Dutch healthcare system and senior executives of the Department of Digital Technologies in Medicine at HIT

Senior members of the Dutch healthcare system and senior executives of the Department of Digital Technologies in Medicine at HIT. Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum

HIT was high on the delegation’s list of institutions to visit, due to the unique ecosystem built in recent years with the establishment of the B.Sc degree program in Digital Medical Technologies. The importance of this ecosystem could be seen especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

Marleen Van Essen, Coordinator of the Dutch Delegation, noted that the entire group is involved in medicine and its digital aspects within the framework of the Dutch Healthcare system. She went on to express her admiration for the inspiring atmosphere of innovation which prevails at HIT, leading to a fascinating integration between the worlds of medicine and high tech.

The delegation visited the unique LIVING LAB at HIT - which will soon become a clinical-technological experimental facility focusing on the the elderly population, in collaboration with leading medical centers in the country. The Laboratory simulates a ‘smart’ residential apartment, in which all the activities and behavior of its occupants are monitored in within a realtime context. Data collected is cross-referenced with data from their medical file to allow early diagnosis and adaptation of personalized care.

The delegation was received by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, Dr. Refael Barak Barkan, Vice President of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization and Founder of the Digital Medical Technologies program, Mr. Shmuel Goldberg, CEO, Dr. Hadas Lewy - Head of Research Infrastructure in the Department of Digital Medical Technologies and Director of Digital Ventures.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov: "I am proud that Israel is a global leader in the field of digital medicine. We are honored to host senior Dutch health officials and share insights and knowledge that will significantly improve research and development in the field. We'll continue to strengthen collaborations between academia, industry and medical centers, while interfacing with influential bodies around the world. "

About HIT’s pioneering Digital Medical Technologies program, and the precepts upon which it was founded, Dr. Refael Barak Barkan summarized as follws: 
"We decided not to relate to conservative and static medical curricula that has not changed for decades. Instead, we decided to create a bridge between the clinical and the digital worlds, and this decision has proven itself to be the correct choice. The Department of Digital Medical Technologies at HIT is currently involved in over 50 projects and clinical-technological studies in the field of digital medicine in Israel."



Posted: 05/07/2022