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Knesset Member Dr. Akram Hasson visited HIT

Prof. Eduard Yakubov. President of HIT said at the meeting that he is appreciative and deeply respects the continuous contribution of the Druze sector to the country of Israel. He said that he is personally committed to the making higher education accessible to every Israeli citizen who wishes to study, and this commitment is listed on Hit's strategic plan.

Prof. Yakubov's commitment goes beyond providing top quality academic education, but goes further in making sure that the graduates will be integrated into the industry, employed in positons that will ensure them and their families' economic stability.

Dr. Hasson said that he attributes great importance to technological studies which are an important factor of Israel's future, and that he is a great supporter of the long collaboration with HIT in order to continue and provide the students with a comprehensive support program that will include scholarships and accommodations for the duration of their study.

Dr. Yulia Einav, Dean of Students, reviewed the Social Involvement Unit's activity. HIT's CEO  Mr. Shmuel Goldberg,  stressed the importance of the student's dormitories' project that are planned as part of the expected solution to the Druze students populations, that live in northern Israel and wish to acquire academic education at HIT.
The Innovation Center and The Robotics Lab
The Innovation Center and The Robotics Lab

Prof. David Shoikhet , Vice President for Academic Affairs said that building the students' dormitories will create a comprehensive solution which will enable the Druze students' population to fulfill their dream and acquire their academic education at HIT.

The guest visited several places on campus mainly the labs and the Innovation Center, where he was given detailed explanation about the various activities that take place here.
Upon completion of the tour, Prof. Yakubov told Dr. Hasson that he sees in him a true partner for the cause which is to provide the young generation with tools for success because their success is ours.