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Prof. Eduard Yakubov was awarded an honorary medal on behalf of Uzbekistan's President

The Ceremony marked 31 years of Uzbekistan's Independence and 30 years of diplomatic relationship between Uzbekistan and Israel. 


עיטור כבוד לנשיא HIT

from the right: Prof. Eduard Yakubov, MK Yoel Razbozov, Prof. Adir Pridor

Prof. Yakubov was awarded the medal for his relentless efforts to promote and develop the ties between both countries and for developing ongoing collaborations in various fields. 

The event took place at the Dan Acadia Hotel in Herzliya and was hosted by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel in the presence of Israel's Mnister of Tourism MK Yoel Razbozov together with ambassadors and officials from, China, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and more. 

Uzbekistan's ambassador to Israel Ms. Feruza Makhmudova, congratulated Prof. Yakubov saying that he is a native Uzbek and therefore is considered a son to the nation.


עיטור כבוד לנשיא HIT

Prof. Adir Pridor, chairman of HIT's executive committee said that this event emphasized the deep and true friendship that exists between both countries and was well expressed by the Uzbek ambassador in Israel.

The event demonstrated the deep friendship between the countries and many hopes were expressed for further deepening and strengthening of these ties between Israel and Uzbekistan in various fields.

HIT Holon Institute of Technology ,has been working for years to develop and promote academic, social and industrial cooperation with Uzbekistan such as exchange students program which allows Uzbek students to complete their studies towards a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer sciences at HIT. These students return to Uzbekistan upon graduation and can enrich their country with knowledge that can promote and benefit the industry and the technology worlds of their country.

Next week, a distinguished delegation from HIT, led by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, including senior officials and researchers from HIT, will travel to Uzbekistan for an academic-scientific conference that will be held in three cities in Uzbekistan.




Photo: PR

Posted: 04/092022