We're out of Zoom - an exciting ceremony was held for 198 Honor students

In an exciting ceremony held on the institute's campus, for the first time since the outbreak of the corona crisis, 198 honor students received certificates of excellence.


Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum


The excitement of the face-to-face meeting, for the first time in a long time, was evident throughout the ceremony in which the institute' management, academic staff and, of course, the excited honor students and their families took part.
This year, certificates of excellence were awarded to one hundred and ninety-eight outstanding President's and Deans' lists students, of whom forty-two percent were women.
47 of all the honor students are outstanding for more than once in a row.

Also this year, 36 outstanding members of the "Gutwirth Foundation" also joined this ceremony - a foundation that aims at promoting women in the technology professions as well as male and female students from the social periphery by awarding scholarships.


Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum


The ceremony was preceded by a personal meeting of the institute's president, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, with a group of the President's List Honor students. Prof. Yakuvov greeted the students saying: "For me and for the institute, this day is a celebration. You are the real leaders not only of the institute but of all of Israel's society. What we do here is prepare you for a better future and that will advance the country. "You are leaders, outstanding, excellent leaders."

Dr. Yulia Einav, Dean of Students, proudly noted the fact that 44 honor students, are students with learning disabilities and diverse medical problems. That manages to excel with all the challenges and get as far as possible.
Dana Arieh, an Honor student from the Faculty of Engineering and Electricity, congratulated all the students and said: "Studying is a challenge. It is tough, it is long, it sometimes does not go as you hoped, it requires a lot of investment and even discipline and responsibility. 

But, and there is a big "but" here in my opinion, it's a choice, it's something very personal, you do not study for " success", there is no goal or objective that someone has set and you have to think how to realize - there is only you and what you decide And define for yourself as success. I think there is something exciting in the fact that everyone who will receive a certificate here on stage today, did, made an effort and succeeded, not because someone demanded and it is the expected standard, simply because he decided. Decided to be good, decided to be excellent."

Deputy Chairman of the Student Association Ehud Michel greeted on behalf of the association and said:
It is said that the path to a person's success does not depend on how fast he walks, but on how consistent he is, even in the most difficult moments he continues without stopping.

Martin Luther King said once:
"If you cannot fly - run, if you cannot run - go, if you cannot walk - crawl. No matter what you do it - the main thing is that you keep moving forward."
The ceremony was moderated by Yifat Rosenthal, HIT's Academic Secretary, and was accompanied by Michal Chill and Danny Engel.


Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum



Posted: 26/05/2021