Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program offers Israeli students an opportunity to live and study in a foreign country, so they can increase their professional knowledge in a different culture and language while expanding their horizons and forging vital international friendships and business connections.
The student exchange concept developed after World War II to advance intercultural tolerance and understanding. The goal of the program is to enrich the student's cultural and professional world by having him or her personally experience a foreign study framework and being exposed to both local and other foreign students. While the topics studied are universal, the study methods and cultural approaches will be different from what the student is accustomed to.
The Holon Institute of Technology offers and continues to develop its faculties of design, educational technology, engineering, sciences and technology management. Its Student Exchange Program includes agreements with numerous universities and institutes all over the world (Italy, India, Germany and more). The student exchange framework is mutual, with HIT students studying abroad, while foreign students come to study at HIT.
Students study at the foreign institution for one semester, pursuing their chosen field. The student builds his coursework for the semester, such that during that period he or she will take courses that integrate into his or her course of study for the degree.
HIT students who want to participate must get the approval from the relevant department and/or faculty, and must commit themselves to returning to HIT after the exchange. The foreign studies will be accepted for credit points in lieu of parallel courses in their departments.
Participants in the Student Exchange Program will have to pay for their flights, accommodations, living expenses, medical and damage insurance, medical expenses, and books and study materials. The student will not have to pay any additional tuition, however, and where possible, efforts will be made to help candidates with special scholarships.
Participation in the Student Exchange Programs is conditioned on meeting certain prerequisites and will be permitted only after getting the appropriate approvals from the relevant department and/or faculty.

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