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NTAI 2017 was held at HIT

The conference, in its third consecutive year, was the meeting point of industry representatives and academia people from Israel and abroad and hosted a historical gathering of 3 world famous ground breaking researchers:
Prof. Sumio Iijima from Meijo University, Japan, Prof. Itamar Wilner, distinguished researcher in the field of nano-DNA-based machine research. Itamar is a member of the “Israel Academy of Science” and head of its division of “natural sciences”, recipient of the Israel Prize, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Prof. Reshef Tenne from the Weizmann institute of Science- Chairman of the organizing committee.
The organizing committee included:
Dr. Amos Bardea | Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Alla Zak | Faculty of Sciences
Dr. Alexander Axelevitch | Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Alex Laikhtman | Faculty of Sciences
All three researches are dealing, each one in his own angle, with researching Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Prof. Itamar Wilner
Prof. Itamar Wilner
Sumio Iijima, the distinguished Plenary speaker, is a world known Japanese physicist and inventor of carbon nanotubes. His famous paper on this discovery (from 1991) generated unprecedented interest in the carbon nanostructures and since that time have attracted a lot of researchers in a wide range of fields from academia to industry.
The chair of this conference Prof. Tenne, had his discovery in 1992 on similar structures from inorganic materials. Both inventions – carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanotubes have unique structure and properties, which make them very promising materials for nanotechnology.
Dr. Amos Bardea
Dr. Amos Bardea, Prof. Sumio Iijima with high scool students
The participants were greeted by Prof. Eduard Yakubov , President of HIT, Prof. Ezra Zeheb, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Alla Zak, from the Faculty of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory for Synthesis and Investigation of Nanomaterials, Dr. Amos Bardea, head of the B.Sc. program at the faculty of engineering and Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra ,Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.
Dr. Bardea: The conference has brought together advanced industries and academia, which is essential to the best knowledge flow between the bodies in order to develop innovative technologies based on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Prof. Reshef
Prof. Reshef Tenne
Prof. All Zak: there are many conferences on Nanotechnology, but this conference is unique in that it carries the special nature of HIT, where both students and lecturers are targeted already while studying, towards applied research and towards the winning integration of science, engineering and technology. The conference contributes to better teaching, better and more interesting studies and to scientific inspiration to both our lecturers and our guests.