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Lifetime Achievement Award to Rabbi Meir Israel Lau at 2017 Graduation ceremony

As traditional part of the graduation ceremony, a Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Degrees were bestowed on key figures in Israeli academy and society .

Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed on Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, Chief Rabbi of Israel between 1993-2003, chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Israel Prize Laureate for Life Achievement and Special Contribution to Society and the State of Israel.
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau and Prof. Yakubov
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau and Prof. Eduard Yakubov. phot: Sivan Farag

An excerpt from the committee's justification for awarding the Lifetime Achievement Award to Rabbi Lau
"Rabbi Israel Meir Lau is known for spreading the views of Judaism in an agreeable manner, including to estranged audiences.

Throughout the years, Rabbi Lau has promoted tolerance and harmonious relations between people. Rabbi Lau's tireless work aims at improving inter-communal relations between the various communities in Israel as well as among the Jews of the Diaspora and between Judaism and other religions - especially Christianity.

A Holocaust survivor himself, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau pursues to commemorate the legacy of European Jewry while emphasizing the moral duty for the wellbeing of the survivors.
Two Honorary Degrees were presented as well:
An honorary degree was presented to Prof. Nili Cohen, President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 2017 Israel Prize Laureate for Legal Research,
Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University, former Rector of Tel Aviv University.
Prof. Nili Cohen
Prof. Nili Cohen .phot: Sivan Farag
An excerpt from the committee's justification for awarding on honorary degree to Professor Cohen:
"In recognition of her extensive work and numerous achievements in both academia and the legal field, with special emphasis on Contract Law, Torts Law and Unjust Enrichment. Professor Cohen succeeded in integrating various domains of knowledge in her academic endeavors, such as law and literature, human rights and science, creating a unique and fertile multidisciplinary contexture.

Professor Cohen's relentless efforts to secure research budgets for the advancement of Science in the State of Israel along with the establishment of collaboration with other academic institutions are reflected in the strategic plan of HIT"/
In line with this vision, HIT is committed to promoting advanced infrastructure for
Mr. Yair Hamburger
Mr. Yair Hamburger. phot: Sivan Farag
An Honorary Degree was presented to Mr. Yair Hamburger Chairman of Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd.
An excerpt from the committee's justification for awarding on honorary degree to Mr. Hamburger:

"A man of vision and action. Mr. Hamburger is awarded this Honorary Degree in recognition of his relentless deeds to implement social and environmental responsibility at all corporate levels within Israel's financial sector.

Under his governance, the "Harel Group" promotes social commitment; supporting numerous social causes while encouraging his employees to be actively involved in the community.
Mr. Hamburger's actions are also reflected in HIT's vision and strategic plan that regard social involvement as an integral part of Academia.

Mr. Hamburger is a model of social commitment for long-term investment promoting a society of values.