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Mr. Murod M. Gulyamov, Second secretary at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel, visited HIT.

Mr. Gulyamov was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov. President of HIT, Prof. David Shoikhet, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Samuel GoldbergHIT's CEO ,Dr. Refael Barkan, head of the R&D and External Affairs Authority and Mrs. Tony Levy ERO, President's office.
From left: Prof. Yakubov, Mr.Gulyamov, Mr. Goldberg.
From left: Prof. Shoikhet, Mr. Goldberg, Mr.Gulyamov, Prof. Yakubov, Dr. Barkan, Mrs. Levy.  photo: Maya Nakar
This meeting followed the previous visit of the business, media and education delegation from Uzbekistan at HIT last November, and it is aimed at continuing the fruitful cooperation that was established then.
From left: Prof. Shoikhet, Prof. Yakubov, Mr.Gulyamov, Mr. Goldberg, Dr. Barkan, Mrs. Levy.  
It was agreed that the major areas of collaboration are: innovation, students and academic staff exchange programs and the establishment of programs for Ph.D. students from Uzbekistan at that will come to study in Israel for their degree.
Prof. Yakubov said in his greeting speech that the triangle of Education, Science and Community is the basis for HIT's agenda and that it will continue to develop and enrich the strong ties between both countries.