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Students from the Faculty of Engineering at "Motorola"

Roi Lesnik and Idan Mizrahi, 3rd year students at the Electrical engineering department in HIT, take part in a project at "Motorola" which is aimed at finding a solution to reducing the radiation absorption in the head of the cellular device user.

The current situation is that there is a constant rise in the percentage of radiation that is being absorbed in the body as a result of the technological advancement and the increasing number of transmitting devices as opposed to almost no advancement in the field of prevention.
The project includes a large scale research of about 6 months trying to find a solution that will fit a wide scale of frequencies.

"We are working both in "Motorola" and HIT, which enables us to implement our theoretical studies in a place that is considered the cutting edge of technology and to be involved in an innovative environment. One great advantage is the ability to work at the SAR lab in HIT, headed by Prof. Haridim, who has initiated the collaboration with Motorola.
The lab allows us to practically check the amount of radiation that is absorbed in the head of the users", say Roi and Idan.

The project is now at the stage of planning and building a new platform, which when activated, will be integrated into every new model of Motorola's cellular devices.
This project is an example of the fulfillment of one of HIT's major goals ,as stated in its strategic plan, which is close collaboration with the industry and the integrations of students in various industrial projects already during their studies.