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Visual Communication Students ‘Brand’ Meitarim High School 

In a social design project that took place for the first time as part of a multidisciplinary design course in the Faculty of Design’s Department of Visual Communication, a “rebranding package” for a Holon High School was developed in order to improve its image externally and create "local pride" internally.


Image package for Meitarim High School in Holon


The project for this special educational school for students with complex learning disabilities is a collaborative effort between HIT and the City of Holon. Faculty members and students provided professional design expertise based on the “brief” prepared by Meitarim’s principal, Ravit Magier, together with Visual Communication Department Head Tzachi Diner and Course Lecturer Erez Bachar.

The challenging re-branding project was carried out by students Avner Adan and Ben Azulay within the framework of the Design Lab in the Department of Visual Communication. The project was part of the preparation of 4th year students to undertake complex experimental projects prior to their final projects.


Unique symbols designed to represent the trends, also serve as stickers to hide students' faces in photos published on the Internet and social media

Unique symbols designed to represent the trends, also serve as stickers to hide students' faces in photos published on the Internet and social media 

Erez Bachar, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication and project supervisor: "This is the first time that such a project has been implemented as part of an academic course.” The development process began about a year ago as part of a multidisciplinary design workshop by Avner Adan Ben Azulay, who participated in an image development design team for the High School.

Over the course of 5 weeks, the students presented a variety of ideas and concepts: construction of a School website, an E-Commerce website, an image package and a promotion campaign for the School. At the end of the process, an outstanding project was selected for production and implementation. Accordingly, the two produced an innovative and creative branding package, which expressed the values of equality and uniqueness of the School's students and also reflected the School’s advocacy for personalized education and the nurturing of mental, creative and independent autonomy.


Shaped stationery

Shaped stationery 

"The benefit of this project, in addition to its immense social value and contribution to the community, is in the fact that the students learned to deal with a “real client” and in the implementation of a “real project”, experienced the “real world," concludes Bachar.


Ravit Magier, Principal of Meitarim: “The staff and students of Meitarim are proud of the new logo and rebranding of the School. Many thanks to Tzachi Diner and Erez Bachar for their support and timely response to the request by Aharon Aharon of Holon’s Center for Educational Innovation and the School administration. To the group of students in the design workshop and to all the partners - thank you for a special and exciting process and for the impressive result that will accompany the school over future years. " 

Posted: 18/01/2022